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The foundation of the company was on August the 20th 1968. Since then, flexible packaging films were produced at Lakufol.

Lakufol has been within this 50 years a pioneer in the development and production of flexible packaging solutions for both industrial and agricultural applications.

In the early eighties, Lakufol produced the first blown "machine stretch film" in Germany. At that time a new and highly innovative product that revolutionized the previously common pallet packaging with shrink films. For many years, Lakufol remained the only manufacturer of machine stretch film in Germany.

In 1987, Lakufol was yet again a leader in the development and production of a new product. In July 1987, Lakufol produced the first "blown stretch film" for bale silage. In that period,a brand new method of silage conservation, which very quickly found a great market acceptance.

In order to meet the high demand for silage-stretch, Lakufol invested in several blown film extruders at the beginning of the 1990s.

In the course of the following years, Lakufol consequently concentrated more and more on the sector of agricultural harvest packaging.

Silage stretch film was and is a product with very high technical requirements. In order to meet the high quality expectations of the market, Lakufol has put a great deal of energy into the development and improvement of production processes as well as the optimization of raw material formulas over the last 30 years.

The success of this continuous development can be seen in the fact, that all Lakufol films today enjoy a high level of acceptance among its users in the European market

In order to ensure the planned, ambitious development steps of the coming years, a partner – Karatzis SA - has recently come on board. Karatzis SA, with its majority share, will be a guarantor that the further strategic goals of BSK & Lakufol in the silage bale segment will be successfully implemented. Karatzis SA sees its role not only as a silent investor but as a strategic partner to round off and complement its already diverse product portfolio in the agricultural market. In order to achieve the ambitious market targets, both partners have decided on a comprehensive investment programme for the Henfenfeld site in the next three years.

A first measure is the installation of additional multi-layer extrusion line, whose production start is planned for the first quarter of 2021. As a result, the available production capacity increases by several thousand tons.

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